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CBS Paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 Million To Settle Harassment Claim On 'Bull'

CBS paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 million to resolve claims that she was retaliated against for complaining about sexual harassment on the set of the prime time drama Bull, according to a report in the New York Times. Dushku appeared in three episodes of the show and had been assured of a significant recurring role, the NYT reports. That changed when she became the focus of a series of uncomfortable comments made by the show’s star, Michael Weatherly, who remarked about her appearance, made a rape joke and a commented about a threesome, according to the Times account. After raising complaints, Dushku was written off the show, which the actress believed was in retaliation for speaking out. She entering mediation with the network, and received a confidential settlement that would pay her the equivalent of the salary she would have earned if she remained on the show for four seasons. CBS confirmed the settlement in a statement. “The allegations in Ms. Dushku’s claims are an example that, while we remain committed to a culture defined by a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace, our work is far from done,” CBS said. “The settlement of these claims reflects the projected amount that Ms. Dushku would have received for the balance of her contract as a series regular, and was determined in a mutually agreed upon mediation process at the time.” The Times reported that details of the confidential settlement emerged as part of an independent examination of CBS’ culture in the wake of sexual misconduct charges leveled against former CEO Les Moonves.


Netflix To Release Spike Lee-Produced Time Travel Film 'See You Yesterday'

Netflix has announced plans to release in 2019 a time travel drama titled See You Yesterday that is produced by filmmaker Spike Lee. Lee is producing the project through his 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks banner. Newcomer Stefon Bristol, a protege of Lee's, is directing and co-wrote the script with Fredrica Bailey. See You Yesterday will follow two African-American science prodigies played by Eden Duncan-Smith and Dante Crichlow who build a time machine in order to stop a family member from being wrongfully killed by a police officer. The film is based on Bristol and Bailey's 2017 short film of the same name that is available for streaming on Cinemax's Max Go.


Jerry Seinfeld Weighs In On Kevin Hart Oscar Controversy

For Jerry Seinfeld, the fallout between Kevin Hart and the Oscars is the award show’s problem, not Hart’s. “Kevin is in a position because he’s a brilliant comedian to kind of decide what he wants to do,” Seinfeld told Willie Geist in a preview clip of a “Sunday Today” interview. “He doesn’t have to step down, but he can.” Seinfeld thinks Hart will walk away unscathed from his drama of stepping down from hosting the award show after catching backlash from homophobic tweets that resurfaced from several years ago. “Who got screwed in that deal?” he asked. “I think Kevin’s gonna be fine, but find another Kevin Hart, that’s not so easy, he’s a brilliant guy with a movie career.” But Seinfeld thinks navigating the landscape of an evolving audience comes with being a comedian. “Most of the time comedians are expected to be the most agile in terms of how we think and construct our thoughts and what comes out of our mouths,” he explained. “We have been navigating these slalom gates forever.” “It’s like Lindsay Vonn,” he joked referring to the Olympic skier. “Wherever you put the gates, I’m gonna make them, that’s the gig.” The full interview will air Sunday on NBC. 


The Shining, Jurassic Park and Brokeback Mountain Enter National Film Registry

Movies including The Shining, Jurassic Park and Brokeback Mountain have been selected for preservation by officials at the U.S. National Film Registry. Each year, 25 films are selected by executives of the Library of Congress to be added to the registry for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” important and at least 10 years old. The 30th annual list was released yesterday, and it included Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror The Shining, which starred Jack Nicholson, and Steven Spielberg’s 1993 dinosaur classic, which starred Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, which portrays a love story between two cowboys played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, was also selected. It was only released in 2005, making it the youngest-ever entry on the registry. Other additions include 1935 movie The Informer, giving director John Ford the most entries on the list with 11, Alfred Hitchcock’s first American feature Rebecca, Disney’s 1950 animation Cinderella, 1987’s Broadcast News, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra movie On The Town, and 1964’s My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn.


Report: 'Doctor Strange' Is Getting a Sequel

Doctor Strange is the latest Marvel superhero movie to get a sequel, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. Scott Derrickson -- who wrote and directed the original 2016 film – is already on board to helm the next chapter. Benedict Cumberbatch will return as Stephen Strange, say the insiders, along with Benedict Wong, who played his sidekick, Wong. Rachel McAdams, who played Strange’s love interest, is also likely to return. The studio is currently shopping around for a writer. The first Doctor Strange grossed $677.7 million worldwide.


Miley Cyrus To Make TV Comeback In Black Mirror

Miley Cyrus will be making her TV comeback in the new series of Black Mirror, her older sister Brandi has revealed. Miley hasn’t acted on the small screen since starring in Woody Allen’s Crisis in Six Scenes in 2016. But on the latest episode of her podcast Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Wells & Brandi, Brandi told fans Miley has already shot scenes for her episode, which will premiere as part of the fifth season on Netflix in the next few weeks. Revealing Miley filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, Brandi added that she stayed with her sibling in the same hotel during the shoot. She also told listeners that actor Marc Menchaca, known for his role in Netflix show Ozark, will appear in the episode with Miley. Black Mirror producers have yet to confirm the news, but are notoriously secretive about the episodes until they are released.


Whoopi Goldberg Offers To Return As Oscars Host

Need an Oscars host? Whoopi Goldberg says she'll do it again. The Oscar winner and four-time former host of the Academy Awards said yesterday on The View that she's game to take the gig once more, after Kevin Hart withdrew last week after homophobic tweets that he had written eight years ago resurfaced online. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is now reportedly scrambling to find a replacement, and it's even considering a show without a host at all. “If you want to go host-less, that's your prerogative,” Goldberg said, then added, “I think it's a dumb idea. People need someone to take them through things. I think it needs to be somebody who loves the films." Goldberg, who said she realized she "may not be anybody's first choice," also acknowledged she's not without controversy. “I'm also problematic!” Goldberg said. “Half of the country is really mad at me, the other half is OK until tomorrow, and then they're pissed at me!” “We've all over-corrected,” she said of the sensitivity to comedy many people have shown recently. When co-host Joy Behar quipped that a host-less show could help shorten the broadcast, Goldberg responded: “I don't ever think there's anything you can do, really, to not make the show long. People come up and they make their speeches. This is the one shot that they get to do this! They've done something they've been trying to do their whole life! It's a huge deal to win an Oscar.”


Awkward Newspaper Error Says Julia Roberts Holes Have Gotten Better With Age

An unfortunate typo in a New York newspaper made it seem like Julia Roberts shared way too much info in a recent interview. The Post-Journal, which serves Jamestown in western New York state, published an AP article about the actress last week, in which the star talks about getting offered better roles in Hollywood as she progresses in her career. Awkwardly, though, that's not what the headlines said, as the piece was published under the words “Julia Roberts Finds Life and Her Holes Get Better With Age.” The interview was conducted by the Associated Press, a news agency that publishes articles that are then reprinted in newspapers and on news websites. On December 5, the same piece ran in several outlets, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. But whereas their headlines read “Julia Roberts Finds Life (and Her Roles) Get Better With Age,” the Post-Journal made what would turn out to be a viral mistake. The paper was likely cutting down the headline to fit when the text changed, turning “Roles” into “Holes” — and giving the story a whole new meaning. As images of the funny mistake went viral, the Post-Journal printed a correction in a later issue.


"Everybody Loves Raymond" Star Patricia Heaton's Time Person Of The Year Suggestion Goes Viral

Patricia Heaton made her own suggestion on social media after TIME's Person of the Year announced its shortlist on Monday night, offering up actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise. "Hey @TIME, why isn’t @GarySinise ever on the Person of the Year list? Hey @TheAcademy, why isn’t he ever picked for the #jeanhersholt humanitarian award? He raises $30M a year to build homes for wounded vets along with his #goldstarfamily support. Retweet!" the "Everybody Loves Raymond" actress wrote in a tweet. "Preach it sista!" one Twitter user replied to Heaton. "That's a very good question. As a huge supporter of #GarySiniseFoundation and #GarySinse he should have been. He does not do it for the accolades which makes him all that more deserving," another echoed. Sinise founded the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011. The nonprofit supports veterans, first responders and their family members with a variety of programs. On Twitter yesterday, actor James Woods called Sinise "one of the very finest civilian Americans out there."


Janelle Monae Joins 'The Glorias: A Life On The Road'

Janelle Monáe has come aboard The Glorias: A Life on the Road, the Gloria Steinem biopic that has Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander playing the feminist and social-political activist at various stages of her life. This seems like a befitting project for Monáe who, like Steinem, is an outspoken human rights advocate. Earlier this year, the multiple Grammy nominee called for a Time’s Up in the music industry to end discrimination, inequality, harassment and the abuse of power. The Glorias will follow Steinem’s journey to become a crusader for equal rights and her groundbreaking work as a journalist and campaigner.


Sarah Hyland Reveals Second Kidney Transplant

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has revealed she underwent a second kidney transplant in 2017 after the first failed. The actress, 28, first received a kidney from her father in 2012 to cure a condition called dysplasia, when the organs do not develop properly. But toward the end of 2016 the kidney started to fail, and Sarah received a second transplant from her brother Ian in September 2017. In a cover interview with Self magazine, Sarah explained: “We did all of these tests and all of these treatments to try and save the kidney. Christmas break, New Year's, Thanksgiving, my birthday, all of that spent in the hospital.” On Valentine's Day of 2017, Hyland went on dialysis, causing her weight to plummet, before she had the transplanted kidney removed in May 2017. Sarah added that the physical ailments had a huge effect on her mental health too, and she even contemplated suicide. “I was very depressed. When a family member gives you a second chance at life, and it fails, it almost feels like it's your fault. It's not. But it does,” she said. “For a long time, I was contemplating suicide, because I didn't want to fail my little brother like I failed my dad.” Sarah had a second kidney transplant in September 2017, after finding out her younger brother Ian, 23, was a match. The actress said that her radio DJ and former Bachelorette contestant boyfriend Wells Adams has been a huge support over the past year after they first met three days before her second transplant. “He was texting me in the morning before I went into surgery, and we were FaceTiming the entire time I was in the hospital. He's seen me at my worst… He was there through all of that. I think that's why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that.”


Pat Sajak Suggest Quick Fix For Oscars

Pat Sajak is the latest star to weigh in on the direction of the Oscars after Kevin Hart stepped down as host over past tweets he wrote many deemed as homophobic. On Sunday, the "Wheel of Fortune" host went on Twitter to suggest a "quick fix for the Academy Awards show." "Expand it two nights," Sajak wrote. "On the first night, give out awards, and celebrate the history and wonder of movies," he continued. "On the second night, hold your political rally."


New Trailer Released For 'Stranger Things' On Netflix

Netflix dropped a new teaser video yesterday, announcing “Stranger Things 3” will launch in 2019. Though we don’t have an official premiere date set yet for the return of the Millie Bobby Brown-led sci-fi series, Netflix did offer up a sneak peek at the next installment’s episode titles in the 1-minute clip, which include: “Suzie, Do You Copy?,” “The Mall Rats,” “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard,” “The Sauna Test,” “The Source,” “The Birthday,” “The Bite,” and “The Battle of Starcourt.”


Diana Ross, Kelly Clarkson To Perform On 'NBC's New Year's'

Diana Ross, Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, John Legend and Blake Shelton have been booked to perform on the holiday special NBC's New Year's Eve. Carson Daly and Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, will preside over the event in New York's Times Square. Saturday Night Live player Leslie Jones will offer commentary. Keith Urban is scheduled to join the telecast live from the Jack Daniel's Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve show in Nashville. The special is expected to air Dec. 31 from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT.


Weekend Box Office

Here are weekend box office figures:
1. Ralph Breaks the Internet - $16.1 million
2. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch - $15.1 million
3. Creed II - $10.3 million
4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - $6.8 million
5. Bohemian Rhapsody - $6 million
6. Instant Family - $5.6 million
7. Green Book - $3.9 million
8. Robin Hood - $3.5 million
9. The Possession of Hannah Grace - $3.1 million
10. Widows - $3.1 million


Kevin Hart Steps Down As Host Of The Oscars

Kevin Hart said last night that he’s stepping down from hosting the 2019 Oscars — just two days after getting the gig — in the wake of criticism over a series of homophobic tweets he posted years ago. “I have made the choice to step down from hosting this year’s Oscar’s….this is because I do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists,” Hart wrote in a statement on Twitter. The announcement he would be quitting the show came just minutes after he posted a message on Instagram saying Motion Picture Academy officials had asked him to apologize or they would find another host — and he refused to apologize. Despite that statement, Hart did offer an apology in his later resignation tweet, saying: “I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past.” A number of homophobic tweets that Hart had sent years ago drew criticism after he was tapped as the ceremony’s host on Tuesday. One from 2011 said: “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay.” 


Golden Globe Nominations

Golden Globe Award nominations were announced yesterday on NBC's "Today." The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony will air live on NBC Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019 from 5-8 pm PT/8-11 pm ET from the Beverly Hilton. 

Best Motion Picture – Drama
“Black Panther”
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“If Beale Street Could Talk”
“A Star Is Born”

Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
Glenn Close (“The Wife”)
Lady Gaga (“A Star Is Born”)
Nicole Kidman (“Destroyer”)
Melissa McCarthy (“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”)
Rosamund Pike (“A Private War”)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama
Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”)
Willem Dafoe (“At Eternity’s Gate”)
Lucas Hedges (“Boy Erased”)
Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”)
John David Washington (“BlacKkKlansman”)

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
“Crazy Rich Asians”
“The Favourite”
“Green Book”
“Mary Poppins Returns”

Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Emily Blunt (“Mary Poppins Returns”)
Olivia Colman (“The Favourite”)
Elsie Fisher (“Eighth Grade”)
Charlize Theron (“Tully”)
Constance Wu (“Crazy Rich Asians”)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Christian Bale (“Vice”)
Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Mary Poppins Returns”)
Viggo Mortensen (“Green Book”)
Robert Redford (“The Old Man & the Gun”)
John C. Reilly (“Stan & Ollie”)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture
Amy Adams (“Vice”)
Claire Foy (“First Man”)
Regina King (“If Beale Street Could Talk”)
Emma Stone (“The Favourite”)
Rachel Weisz (“The Favourite”)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture
Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”)
Timothee Chalamet (“Beautiful Boy”)
Adam Driver (“BlacKkKlansman”)
Richard E. Grant (“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”)
Sam Rockwell (“Vice”)

Best Motion Picture – Animated
“Incredibles 2”
“Isle of Dogs”
“Ralph Breaks the Internet”
“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language
“Never Look Away”

Best Director – Motion Picture
Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”)
Alfonso Cuaron (“Roma”)
Peter Farrelly (“Green Book”)
Spike Lee (“BlacKkKlansman”)
Adam McKay (“Vice”)

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
Alfonso Cuaron (“Roma”)
Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara (“The Favourite”)
Barry Jenkins (“If Beale Street Could Talk”)
Adam McKay (“Vice”)
Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie (“Green Book”)

Best Original Score – Motion Picture
Marco Beltrami (“A Quiet Place”)
Alexandre Desplat (“Isle of Dogs”)
Ludwig Göransson (“Black Panther”)
Justin Hurwitz (“First Man”)
Marc Shaiman (“Mary Poppins Returns”)

Best Original Song – Motion Picture
“All the Stars” (“Black Panther”)
“Girl in the Movies” (“Dumplin’”)
“Requiem For a Private War” (“A Private War”)
“Revelation’ (“Boy Erased”)
“Shallow” (“A Star Is Born”)

Best Television Series – Drama
“The Americans”
“Killing Eve”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama
Caitriona Balfe (“Outlander”)
Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)
Sandra Oh (“Killing Eve”)
Julia Roberts (“Homecoming”)
Keri Russell (“The Americans”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
Jason Bateman (“Ozark”)
Stephan James (“Homecoming”)
Richard Madden (“Bodyguard”)
Billy Porter (“Pose”)
Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”)

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy
“Barry” (HBO)
“The Good Place” (NBC)
“Kidding” (Showtime)
“The Kominsky Method” (Netflix)
“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Kristen Bell (“The Good Place”)
Candice Bergen (“Murphy Brown”)
Alison Brie (“Glow”)
Rachel Brosnahan (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Sacha Baron Cohen (“Who Is America?”)
Jim Carrey (“Kidding”)
Michael Douglas (“The Kominsky Method”)
Donald Glover (“Atlanta”)
Bill Hader (“Barry”)

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
“The Alienist” (TNT)
“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (FX)
“Escape at Dannemora” (Showtime)
“Sharp Objects” (HBO)
“A Very English Scandal” (Amazon)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Amy Adams (“Sharp Objects”)
Patricia Arquette (“Escape at Dannemora”)
Connie Britton (“Dirty John”)
Laura Dern (“The Tale”)
Regina King (“Seven Seconds”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Antonio Banderas (“Genius: Picasso”)
Daniel Bruhl (“The Alienist”)
Darren Criss (“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”)
Benedict Cumberbatch (“Patrick Melrose”)
Hugh Grant (“A Very English Scandal”)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)
Patricia Clarkson (“Sharp Objects”)
Penelope Cruz (“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”)
Thandie Newton (“Westworld”)
Yvonne Strahovski (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alan Arkin (“The Kominsky Method”)
Kieran Culkin (“Succession”)
Edgar Ramirez (“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”)
Ben Whishaw (“A Very English Scandal”)
Henry Winkler (“Barry”)


Sean Penn In Turkey Working On Movie About Jamal Khashoggi

Sean Penn is currently in Turkey working on a documentary about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, a story that’s been a highly-debated topic in America for the last two months. Yasin Aktay, an adviser to Turkey's president, said the actor interviewed him in Ankara as part of his "preliminary preparations" for the documentary before leaving for Istanbul where he was due to meet with Khashoggi's Turkish fiancee. Khashoggi was a journalist that often wrote critically of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for The Washington Post. After disappearing the Saudi government revealed that he had been killed in what it claimed as a fight at the consulate. The story gained national attention both for the alleged brutality of the killing, the apparent cover-up and President Donald Trump’s reaction to the entire scandal.


Black Panther & A Star Is Born Lead AFI'S Top 10 Films List

Black Panther, A Star Is Born, Eighth Grade, and First Reformed have been named among the American Film Institute’s 10 best movies of the year. They join BlackKklansman, If Beale Street Could Talk, The Favorite, Green Book, and Emily Blunt films Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place, while Alfonso Cuaron’s acclaimed Roma has landed a special award for a work of excellence outside the institute’s criteria for American film. Meanwhile, The Americans, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Atlanta, and This Is Us have been named among the AFI’s best broadcast TV shows.


The 10 Most Followed Celebs On Instagram In 2018

Here are the 10 most-followed celebrities on Instagram in 2018.












Kevin Hart Confirms He's Hosting The Oscars

Kevin Hart has confirmed his latest big-time role: Oscar host for the awards show on Feb. 24. He wrote on Instagram Monday that he will emcee the 91st Academy Awards. "For years I have been asked if I would ever Host the Oscars and my answer was always the same...I said that it would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me as a comedian and that it will happen when it’s suppose to," Hart wrote. "I am so happy to say that the day has finally come for me to host the Oscars. I am blown away simply because this has been a goal on my list for a long time." Hart promised to make the show "a special one," adding, "Now it’s time to rise to the occasion #Oscars." The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences retweeted Hart's post adding, "Welcome to the family, @kevinhart4real! #Oscars."


Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Finally Gets Official Title And Premiere Date

Lindsay Lohan‘s reality show went through a few title changes, but it’s now ready to rock. “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” will be the name of the star’s new MTV show, and will focus on her new life running a party club in Mykonos, Greece. According to the preview clip, Lohan is planning on building an empire, and the cameras will be chronicling all the drama that goes down during her journey. The show went through multiple last-minute title changes, including, “Lindsay Lohan: Paradise Boss,” but the network just decided to settle on the straight forward name. Lohan’s new show premieres Tuesday, January 8.


Eddie Murphy Becomes A Dad Of 10

Eddie Murphy is a dad again – his fiancee, Paige Butcher, gave birth to his 10th child on Friday. Max Charles Murphy was born in Los Angeles and both mother and son are doing well, according to a representative. Murphy, 57, announced Butcher, 39, was pregnant with their second child together in August after she showed off a baby bump while running errands in Beverly Hills. The couple, who met on the set of Big Momma’s House 2 in 2006 and started dating in 2012, also shares two-year-old daughter Izzy. Eddie proposed to Paige in September. He now has 10 kids from five relationships.


Harry Styles' U.S. Sitcom In Limbo

Harry Styles’ new sitcom Happy Together is in limbo after TV bosses declined to fund additional episodes. The One Direction star is an executive producer on the CBS show, which is loosely based on his early years as a popstar, when he shacked up with his TV producer pal Ben Winston and his wife. CBS executives announced on Friday that they would not be ordering any additional episodes after the initial 13 they bought as a first season – but its star Amber Stevens West has vowed that it’s not all over for the show. “NOT TRUE,” she tweeted in response to news story stating Happy Together was canceled. “We have not been officially canceled! We are just not getting more episodes in our season one. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! I’m not.” Amber, who plays Claire Davis, a restaurant designer, who puts up an up-and-coming popstar (Felix Mallard), along with her husband (Damon Wayans Jr.), went on to vow Happy Together was “still alive” and urged fans to tune in to the next installment last night. Prospects for the program don’t look good however, as its viewing figures have fallen from an already disappointing six million for its October debut to 4.5 million.


Upcoming Christmas Movies And Specials

Here are upcoming Christmas movies and TV specials.
The Princess Switch
The Holiday Calendar
The Christmas Chronicles
A Christmas Prince
A Very Murray Christmas
Christmas Inheritance
Love Actually
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
Bad Santa
White Christmas
The Nutcracker
Nailed It! Holiday! (Dec. 7)
Neo Yokio holiday special (Dec. 7)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special (Dec. 14)
Miracle on 34th Street 
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
A Very Brady Christmas
Holiday Baking Championship
The Holiday
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Doctor Who Christmas specials
It's a Wonderful Life
Christmas with the Kranks
Babes in Toyland
Merry Christmas from Funny or Die
A Christmas Carol in Color
A Norman Rockwell Christmas Story
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales
Saturday Night Live: Best of Christmas (Dec. 4 9 p.m. and Dec. 13, 9 p.m.) 
Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas (Dec. 11, 9 p.m.) 
It's a Wonderful Life (Dec. 24, 8 p.m.)
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show holiday special (Dec. 2, 10 p.m. and Dec. 7, 9 p.m.)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Dec. 6, 8 p.m. and Dec. 20, 8 p.m.) 
The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition (Dec. 6, 9 p.m. and Dec. 8, 8 p.m.) 
CMA Country Christmas (Dec. 10, 8 p.m. and Dec. 22, 8 p.m.) 
Disney Prep & Landing (Dec. 13, 8 p.m. and Dec. 23, 8 p.m.) 
Shrek the Halls (Dec. 19, 8:30 p.m.) 
Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade (Dec. 25, 10 a.m.)
I Love Lucy Christmas Special (Dec. 14, 8 p.m.) 
A Home For The Holidays: The 20th Anniversary (Dec. 21, 8 p.m.)
Santa's Boots (Dec. 8, 8 p.m.) 
Christmas Around the Corner (Dec. 14, 8 p.m.) 
Christmas Pen Pals (Dec. 15, 8 p.m.) 
Hometown Christmas (Dec. 16, 8 p.m.)
Homegrown Christmas (Dec. 8, 8 p.m.) 
Entertaining Christmas (Dec. 15, 8 p.m.) 
A Gingerbread Romance (Dec. 16, 8 p.m.) 
Christmas Made to Order (Dec. 23, 8 p.m.) 
When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing (Dec. 25, 8 p.m.)



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