Robby Bridges

Hello, I’m Robby Bridges, a total radio geek... I like it a lot, like in a borderline nerdy way. I also wear a sport jacket everywhere, which adds to much persona. I like all kinds of music: Country, Pop, Dance… but also the Beatles & Elvis. I’m obsessed with HGTV and the movie Goodfellas and I think they should be combined. I’m a car buff, a foodie and cat daddy to Bella who totally bosses me around.
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What's up?! I'm Zann! I'm pretty cool. Just ask my cat. Then again, I feel like sometimes he's a prisoner caught in my home just playing it cool until he can finally escape. We spend most of our time netflixin' when I'm not out getting into some "good clean fun." I'm a lover of naps, probably because I never get them. I appreciate you letting me make you laugh every night! After all, if we can't laugh, then what's the point of it all?
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Hello I'm Kelly! If you like high fives and French Fries, we should hang out! Luckily my husband loves both those things, so I think we're a perfect match, but it could just be because we've only been married a year. Since I love French Fries A LOT, I make time to hit the gym to balance things out. I would totally win a singing competition if it were in my car and our dog Posey was the judge. After work, a glass of wine with the hubby or a delicious dinner with friends is the perfect way to relax.
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Hi I'm Venetia! My fiance is a police officer, so that can be a little nerve wracking sometimes, but I wouldn't change a thing. Together we have 2 furry “children” that we've rescued. Riggins is a black lab/beagle mix and he is our oldest, and Zora is a pitbull mix (although she doesn't really know how to be scary, but it's funny to watch her try). Food Network is my go to! I'm a total Foodie that loves to cook and eat! Thanks for letting me into your day, together we'll make your work day just a little more enjoyable.
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T-Bone and Heather

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Southern Maryland Perspectives

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