Pet Of The Week





Olive and Archer are a bonded pair. That means that they were raised together and depend on each other. They need to be adopted together. Olive is about 90 % blind. If you watch her though, you will be amazed at
how well she gets around. One of her favorite games is pounce. She is amazingly accurate in her leaps considering her vision loss. Archer is just the sweetest boy. He is still a bit shy around people and will retreat to the back of the cage when
you approach him. BUT, once you pick him up, he is a master at cuddling and settles in for a good snuggle. Then, put Olive and Archer in a play area and they will go at it! They love wrestling and chasing. These kittens are eating solid food, always use the
litter box, and are up to date on their vaccinations. If you truly are a cat lover, you may be the perfect person to adopt these two wonderful kittens.