Lottery Contests


Win great lottery prizes every day of the week! 

You could Play anyone of these contests...


Contest #1: The Ummm Game


The 'Ummm Game'. A caller will be asked to mention 5 items in a category without saying the words Ummm or Uhh in any form while answering, (ie: 5 flavors of ice cream, 5 animals you will find in a zoo, 5 sports with a ball). The first caller to complete the task wins scratch offs lottery tickets.  



Contest #2: 10th Caller


Listeners will be alerted to call the station with a specified promotional element, the 10th caller to call in, wins scratch-off bundle.



Contest #3: Know Your Trivia (True or False)


Participants selected via radio call-in at a specified time. The first participant to answer all  three trivia questions correctly wins the lottery prize. 



Contest #4: Spy The Lie


Listeners will be given four facts. Three are indeed facts. One is a lie. The listener must tell us which 'fact' is actually a lie. If they do, they win the Maryland lottery prize.  



Contest #5: Money Drop


T and Heather will take the change in their pocket and drop it on the counter.  You have to tell them how much is there.  You will have one guess and they will tell you if you are too high, too low or if you got the amount right. 



(A different contests may be substituted during the week according to radio personalities)


These fun contests are brought to you by the Maryland Lottery, which encourages eligible players to have fun, enjoy your favorite Lottery games and please always remember to play safely and responsibly. 


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