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The closure of Maryland public schools amid the coronavirus pandemic has been extended for four more weeks.
Maryland school Superintendent Karen Salmon announced Wednesday morning that schools will remain closed until at least April 24.
Maryland public schools students have been out of school for almost two weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Maryland closed all public schools on March 16. 
"We don't want to close down school for the rest of the year like some other states have done, but we don't want to bring kids back if they're not safe next week either," Hogan said.
The superintendent and the Board of Education came to the decision after meeting Tuesday by telephone conference call. One of the major concerns is how to develop home lessons online.
"I am working in concert with all local school system superintendents, including multiple calls per week, in order to provide the continuity of learning to all of our students in every jurisdiction across the state of Maryland during this time," Salmon said. "Local superintendents have provided me with their plans for the continuity of learning during the additional closure period."
"I know they've been working on how we get more up to speed on distance learning and being able to do more things online," Hogan said.
Salmon said it's possible that there could be an extended school year.
On Monday, Hogan ordered the closure of all nonessential businesses in Maryland.