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Sean Spicer is going from one TV show to another, with the former White House press secretary set to launch his own cable news show next month. But since he has some time to kill, Spicer is offering to send a personalized video message to your special someone for Valentine's Day. The cost: $199, down from $400, though Spicer says all proceeds raised on the personalized video service Cameo will go to charity. This month, the chosen charity is Independence Fund, which provides tracked wheelchairs for veterans. Don't have a special someone? No worries. "Whatever it is … I don't really care. As long as it's in good taste, I'll do the shoutout," Spicer says. As for that TV show, Spicer & Co—touted as featuring "Washington insiders, experts, journalists and power brokers"—will premiere March 3 on Newsmax TV. It will be "a conversation about the news and issues of the day," covering everything from politics to entertainment and sports—"what people talk about at the dinner table," Spicer tells Page Six.