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An Italian politician has suggested Richard Gere take 160 migrants, who have been stranded on a boat in the Mediterranean for more than a week, to Hollywood after he criticized the Italian government for not helping them. On Friday, Gere boarded the Spanish humanitarian ship Open Arms, which is stuck off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, as no European government will offer the rescued migrants on board safe haven, to help aid workers deliver food and supplies. The ship has been in limbo since August 1. According to BBC News, Gere called for the migrants to be allowed to dock and criticized Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini for “demonizing people.” “We have our problems with refugees coming from Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico… It’s very similar to what you are going through here,” Gere said. “This has to stop everywhere on this planet now. And it will stop if we say stop.” However, Salvini, who is also interior minister, hit back suggesting Gere should take the 160 migrants to Hollywood. “Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him: he can take (them) back to Hollywood, on his private plane, all the people aboard and support them in his villas. Thank you Richard!” Salvini said in a statement. Salvini also said he hopes Gere “gets a bit of a suntan” and that he should take the migrants to Ibiza, a Spanish resort island. The far-right politician has pushed through sanctions on non-governmental organization (NGO) boats that aim to bring migrants rescued at sea to Italy. The Spanish vessel faces a fine of up to $1.1 million if it enters Italian waters.