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Covid-19 Cancellations and Closings



ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced a series of new actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Maryland, including limiting gatherings to 10 people, ordering the closure of shopping malls, restricting access to the BWI Marshall Airport terminal, and urging the use of transit for essential travel only.

“Despite all of our repeated warnings for weeks, and in spite of the rapid escalation of this crisis across our state, the nation, and the world, some people are treating this like a vacation or a spring break with parties, cookouts, and large gatherings,” said Governor Hogan. “Let me be very clear—if you are engaged in this, you are in violation of state law and you are endangering the lives of your fellow Marylanders.”

Today’s daily count shows that Maryland has 107 confirmed cases of COVID-19—an 88 percent increase over 48 hours. Last night, Governor Hogan announced the state’s first death as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and today the state reported its first case of a child contracting the virus.


“This truly is one of the most daunting challenges our state has ever faced,” said Governor Hogan. “But sometimes the worst times have a way of bringing out the very best in people. Marylanders are a shining example of that, and we have seen so many examples of compassion and generosity in recent days. We are all in this together, and if we all do our part to rise to this challenge and to meet this moment, we will get through this together.”

The governor also announced that later today, as chairman of the National Governors Association, he will submit five requests to the president, vice president, and leaders in both houses of Congress on behalf of the nation’s governors:

(1) Dedicate at least 50 percent of supplemental funding to the states, including direct funding, and act quickly on waiver requests
(2) Increase access to PPE, masks, test kits, extraction kits, and accelerating the production of life-saving equipment, such as ventilators
(3) Support Title 32 authorization to give governors maximum flexibility for use of the National Guard
(4) Provide guidance on implementation of Defense Production Act to include what health and medical resources Secretary of Health and Human Services Azar is prioritizing under his new authority
(5) Allow more time and flexibility for completion of both the Census and the transition to REAL ID

Below is a comprehensive list of actions the governor is taking today: 

LIMITING GATHERINGS AND ORDERING CLOSURE OF SHOPPING MALLS: Governor Hogan has amended a previous executive order to reduce the size of social, cultural, and community gatherings to 10 people, and require the closure of all enclosed shopping malls, as well as bowling alleys and pool halls. Read the emergency order.

RESTRICTED ACCESS TO BWI MARSHALL AIRPORT TERMINAL: Governor Hogan has directed the Maryland Department of Transportation to restrict access to the BWI Marshall Terminal to ticketed passengers and employees only. Exceptions will be made for visitors assisting disabled passengers. Maryland Transportation Authority Police will strictly enforce this policy.

TRANSIT FOR ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY: The state is urging citizens to utilize transit for essential travel only, including emergency personnel, front-line health care workers, and anyone whose job is critical to the supply chain.

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SPRING SEMESTER: Governor Hogan has asked the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to keep all students off campus and finish the spring semester online.

HOSPITAL SURGE PLAN: Governor Hogan announced that, as part of phase one of the hospital surge plan, 900 beds will be made available immediately. By early April, another 1,400 beds are expected to come online. The multi-phase plan calls for adding capacity of up to 6,000 beds.

FLEXIBILITY FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL PERSONNEL: Governor Hogan issued an emergency order to allow greater flexibility for emergency medical services personnel to augment other health care providers. This action will help bolster the state’s hospital surge plan. Read the emergency order.

RELAUNCH OF MARYLAND UNITES: Governor Hogan announced the relaunch of the Maryland Unites initiative to connect Marylanders with resources and highlight stories of generosity and compassion amid the crisis. To learn more, visit

DELIVERY AND CARRY-OUT OF ALCOHOL: Governor Hogan has issued an emergency order that allows for delivery and carry-out sales of alcohol by restaurants, bars, distilleries, and wineries, subject to liquor laws and other conditions imposed by local alcoholic beverage authorities. Read the emergency order.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS AT STATE HOUSE: The Department of General Services has instituted temperature checks and health screenings at the State House with the assistance of National Guard medical personnel.

LIFTING RESTRICTIONS ON DELIVERY TRUCKS: To help facilitate the movement of essential supplies, Governor Hogan has issued an emergency order to lift restrictions on the capacity of delivery trucks. Motor vehicles transporting equipment or supplies directly related to the COVID-19 state of emergency are allowed to exceed legal weight limits by up to 15%. The State Highway Administrator may also temporarily waive or modify hauling permit restrictions and conditions deemed safe and appropriate. Read the emergency order.

Resources for Businesses. The Maryland Departments of Commerce and Labor have compiled resources to help businesses whose daily operations are affected during the state of emergency. Members of the business community are encouraged to reach out with their questions by sending a message to

State of Emergency. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. The State of Maryland is continuing to operate under a state of emergency, and all levels of government are taking a comprehensive, collaborative approach to keep Marylanders safe. The list of ongoing state actions is available at

For health resources regarding COVID-19, including case counts and clinician guidance, Marylanders should visit


Governor Hogan Enacts Emergency Legislation to Enhance Ongoing Response to COVID-19
Supports Governor’s Emergency Actions; Protects Marylanders from Economic Hardships That May Result from Pandemic

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today signed HB1663/SB1080, the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Protection Act of 2020, which supports the governor’s ongoing actions to combat COVID-19 and protects Marylanders from certain economic hardships that may result from this pandemic.

The governor was joined by House Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson.

Under Public Safety Article Section 14-107 of Maryland law, the governor has broad powers during a state of emergency to take actions that will help keep Marylanders safe. The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Protection Act of 2020 specifies additional measures that the governor may take to address the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including facilitating access and delivery of health care.

The bill establishes a series of protections for individuals directly affected by COVID-19 or more broadly impacted by the state of emergency, including empowering the governor to:

Prohibit cost-sharing by an insurance carriers for COVID-19 testing and associated costs
Establish or waive telehealth protocols
Require carriers and Medicaid to cover a COVID-19 immunization (should one be developed) and any associated costs, without cost-sharing, for certain patients
Work with Maryland Department of Health (MDH), the Maryland Insurance Commissioner, and the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to minimize disruption in enrollment in health insurance and Medicaid
Allow MDH to offer more flexibility in staffing during the state of emergency
Prohibit employers from terminating an employee solely on the basis that the employee has been required to be isolated or quarantined or if the individual leaves employment due to a risk of exposure or infection COVID–19 or to care for a family member due to COVID-19
Provides flexibility to the Secretary of Labor to allow workers who have not been terminated to collect unemployment insurance if their employer has been closed due to COVID-19, if they have been quarantined, or if they are caring for a family member who is quarantined
It also prohibits retailers from unfair price gouging for essential goods like food, fuel, medicine, medical supplies, and cleaning products, and affirms that such action is subject to the enforcement by the attorney general.

A list of ongoing state actions is available at

For health resources regarding COVID-19, including case counts and clinician guidance, Marylanders should visit


Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday ordered closures he described as "unprecedented" to protect the safety of people in Maryland from the spread of the new coronavirus.

Hogan ordered the closure of bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms across the state, effective at 5 p.m. Monday 3-16-20.

Drive-thru, carryout and food delivery service can continue at restaurants.


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