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The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC) is pleased to announce two new rounds of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Farmer Mini-Grant program. 
The SMADC Mini-Grant program was first launched in 2017. Since the inception of the program 24 projects representing diverse farming operations in all 5 Southern Maryland Counties have been approved for funding.
Mini-Grant funds can be used for a variety of projects. Examples include the purchase of foundation livestock, purchase of plant stock, marketing and promotion activities, fencing, hoop house, and on-farm upgrades to enhance food safety. SMADC will award up to $2,000 per applicant for qualified projects, with a one-to-one dollar match by the farmer. Administrative expenses and events are not eligible for program funding.
The first new Mini-Grant round will begin accepting applications July 1, 2018 and close September 1, 2018 with awards being made by mid-October. The second grant round is expected to open in November 2018 and close in January 2019. To access the SMADC Agricultural Farmer Mini-Grant Program information (criteria, guidelines, and application form), visit 'Farmer Resources' to find the 'Farm Grants' page at