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Alec Baldwin was hustled by a fake Statue of Liberty tour operator while out sightseeing with his wife, Hilaria, and their kids. Baldwin said in an Instagram post that the family shelled out more than $40 per ticket for a tour of Liberty Island — but instead found themselves being escorted toward a bus bound for New Jersey. “I kid you not. We paid. Then we read the tickets,” he raged in the post. “NO ON [sic] EVER MENTIONED NEW F***ING JERSEY!!!” Baldwin went on to explain the family instead opted for the Staten Island Ferry, which offers a view of Lady Liberty — for free. “This is a scam,” Baldwin wrote. “Take the SI Ferry. It’s the best ride in NY.” He posted an image of his ticket, which reads, “Tours R US: See NY From The Water.” The destination on the ticket was “Liberty, NJ.” Hilaria then posted a photo of her, Alec and three of their four children on the deck of the ferry. Bogus ticket sellers have hawked scam passes near Battery Park for years.