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Rumors of Kelly Clarkson landing her own daytime chat show have been circulating since August, but on Tuesday's Tonight Show, she made it official. She told host Jimmy Fallon that the hardest part of the job will be letting her guests get a word in edge-wise. "Well I love talking, it's my favorite pastime...but it's hard to shut up though," she admits. "Like you know you have to listen to people who go on your show, and I just keep talking." In spite of that, Clarkson promises her show will be more than just talk. She says it'll also feature plenty of music with her touring band, which also serves as the show's house band. "We sing everyday on the show and we do like this fan request thing, it's fun," she told Fallon. "On the pilot I got people to sing with me and do little skits. It's very musical, as well." Clarkson said the show is slated to air before Ellen DeGeneres' show.