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Shawn Mendes has assured fans he is OK after taking a tumble off the stage during a weekend show in Quebec, Canada. He was in the middle of performing his hit song Mercy at the Quebec City Summer Festival on Sunday, when he decided to jump to a lower platform located directly in front of the main stage. However, after throwing his arms up in the air, Shawn fumbled his landing, and briefly ended up on his butt. In video footage of the incident, he is shown jumping back to his feet and continuing with the track without missing a beat. The clip was posted on a fan account on Twitter after the show, and captioned, “OH NO @ShawnMendes LOL (laugh out loud).” The singer took notice of the funny footage and laughed off the fall, insisting he is fine. “LOL yep,” he replied as he reposted the video. “Im ok but also that was insane hahahahaha (sic).”