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David Simon has once again been banned from Twitter. The creator of the hit show The Wire has been suspended from the social media service for the second time in recent weeks after he wished that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would “die of boils.” Simon was first suspended from the site for wishing another user the same thing. He was only allowed back on Twitter after deleting the original post, which violated the company’s rules prohibiting speech that could be construed as wishing harm to others. Simon’s latest tweet appeared to be an attempt to goad the company into suspending him once again. “Die of boils, @jack,” Simon tweeted last week. “Yup. There it is. The sum total of my crime against Twitter. I’ve told you to drop dead, as I told libelers and liars to drop dead. You can say that constitutes a threat, but that would be empty and embarrassing. I hold no dominion over life and death.” Simon’s wife, Laura Lippman, announced on her own Twitter feed on Tuesday that her husband was “back in Twitter jail.” “He’s not taking [the tweet] down because he feels it isn’t harassing or threatening to Twitter’s CEO.” As a final insult, Lippman added a quote from her husband. “Oh and “Twitter can bite me.”