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Actor Michael Rapaport is being attributed with leading the charge to stop a man from opening the emergency exit midflight while traveling from Houston to Los Angeles. The incident is said to have occurred early Saturday morning on an American Airlines flight. Ted Kennedy, Fox Sports director of field and technical services, tweeted that he was on a plane from LA to Houston when he suddenly heard Rapaport yell "Hey" but not in a normal way and very loud. Kennedy noted that he was in the 11th row of the plane, while the actor was seated in the first row. “I see Michael shoot up out of his seat and rush to the area just between the bulkhead and the bathroom and yell ‘what the f%&* are you doing?’ Mike continues yelling so I jump up and rush up to Michael as does some Big 3 players,” Kennedy wrote. Kennedy then tweeted that by the time he — and BIG3 players Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Baron Davis — reached the bulkhead, Rapaport had already grabbed the man by the collar and was dragging him away from the emergency exit door, while explaining that the man was trying to open the door. “Crew and staff where all in the back of the plane so nobody was looking out for our safety except Mr. New York,” Kennedy wrote, deploying a Rapaport nickname. Kennedy wrote that the man who allegedly attempted to open the emergency exit told the flight crew that he mixed up the exit door with the bathroom door, which Kennedy didn't believe for a second. “Trying to open a door with a window in it that shows your [sic] 10,000 feet up and you think it's a bathroom? I'm not buying that,” he wrote. Later, at 12:33 p.m. Rapaport tweeted out a video of himself wisecracking about the incident. While in the business class section of the plane, which appeared to have been on the ground at the time, Rapaport yukked it up saying, “Coming to a theater near you, starring Baron Davis, Big Baby Davis and Michael Rapaport: Stay Woke on a Plane.” TMZ reported that sources close to American Airlines said that both airport authorities and the FBI interviewed the man suspected of trying to open the door midair and determined that he really had been confused by the doors. The man was said to have been allowed to take his connecting flight from Los Angeles to Vietnam, where he was headed to visit his ailing mother.