5 Random Facts

The average Swiss person eats more chocolate than any other nation's average person in the world. They are followed by the Irish and the English. 


Reindeer milk contains 22% of fat which is 6 times more than cow milk. People in Laplandia consume it because no ther dairy animal may live in severe north Scandinavian climate. 


Tickling was a form of torture for blue blood in ancient China because recovery was fast and it left no physical marks. 


The human gut has more neurons than the human spinal cord. Therefore digestive system can operate without any signals from the brain. .When people experience emotional pressure, these neurons react and people get a gut feeling. 


Sony Corporation has sold 700,000 camcorders with the function that allowed seeing through some types of people's clothes. It happened in 1998 and Sony immediatley recalled the rest of the camcorders once it had been revealed.