5 Random Facts

Papilio Antimachus is also know as Giant African Swallowtai. It is an endangered butterfly in Aftrica that can kill six cats with its poison. It cannot kill a human though. It is also one of the largest butterflies in the world (its wingspan is 9.1 inches or 23 centimeters)


If you plug your nose and try to eat a raw potato, or raw onion or an apple with your eys closed, they will taste the same. 


Iguana has three eyes. Two ordinary eyes function in a common way, while the third eye is located on top of their head and it only perceives brightness. 


The kangaroo's ancestors lived in trees. Today there are still eight kinds of tree kangaroos living on the planet.


Scorpions can live without air for up to 6 days but this capability doesn't allow them to live in water.